Simmonds Steels

Our company was registered in June 2006 employing 1 staff member. Since then we have grown to a group of businesses employing from 20 to 25 members. Now after over 10 years of experience we work with a number of skilled employees such as boilermakers, sheet metal workers, first class welders and apprentices, aluminum, stainless steel specialists, carpenters, sandblasters, painters, truck and Hiab operators.

Simmonds Steels offers a range of costume fabricated stainless steel landscape components such as seating, screening, planter boxes, trellis’s, bollards, bike racks, tree grates and much more. This is perfect for any location that needs to be clear and smooth, this offer also include steel fences that will help protect you from any intruders. We specialize in any kind of fencing and metal art in Perth which is our main area but we can provide support as well to other cities. Since metal does not mean only steel, we can offer an extensive range of light structural component such as, shade structured, sub frames, platforms and framing, and that is just few of ours products that we can provide in Perth and surrounding cities.

When talking about light fabrications we cannot miss aluminum slat fencing which is one of our interesting fence service. Our slat fencing encompasses a wide range of components that allow you to create impressive structures at any area you wish it might be the business or area around your home. We offer fencing elements in the form of spans, and also matching gates, available with optional automation systems, and pickets, so as a uniform-looking fence can be created. Our firm offers an installation of any electronic devices that you will need for your gats like keypads etc. All fence styles have discreetly concealed fixings, so an elegant look can be achieved. Customer is very important for us, so thanks to our experience we are able to adapt our screens to individual customer requirements.

Our wide product range includes a huge amount of colours. Beginning from natural wood-like panels and ending at the uniform colours obtained by using powder coating technology. We encourage you to contact us our staff can show you a catalogue of all colours available and advise on the best combinations for a specific application. You will be able to select a design that will suit your requirements. Every client has their individual support so your order will be in perfect shape and condition that you wish.

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