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Etch Coatings can carry out professional sandblasting in Perth and nearby areas. We are experienced company that use top quality sandblasting equipment, so we can effectively clean surfaces and prepare them for finishing with our other powder coating services. Our firm provides as well mobile sandblasting service at Perth and other locations. We can come to you and provide the service on site, if an element cannot be delivered to us. Etch Coatings is full of experts and guarantee high quality of work. There is no other company like Etch Coatings in Perth that offers powder coaters and sandblasting, also since we are mobile, we are available for the most demanding customers, so if you care about the effect but also moderate prices, we are here for you.

Sandblasting is a modern technology which requires the use of special sandblasting machines. They blast a water mixture with fine sand under high pressure. The water and sand stream removes contaminations, corrosion and old coatings from the surface very easily and fast. Blasting the surface is a process similar to the grinding process, except that blasting provides a much smoother surface that will be cleaned and can be used in the most inaccessible places and recess. Sandblasting is recommended wherever limited reach curves and corners of the traditional method of grinding. As a part of Etch Coatings pre-treatment service sandblasting enables us to remove any coatings to achieve maximum adhesion to any substrate prior to applying any powder coating or protective coating.

Our company offer include sand blasting for car parts, wrought iron, rusted and corroded steel, garden furniture, motor bikes, trailers, patios and even tanks! However the maximum dimensions of the blasted elements should be 3000 x 5000 x 6000.

As was mentioned before Etch Coatings offer professional mobile sandblasting in Perth which is where our operations are focused, but we also service other localities to perform on site work. Thank to sandblasting method we can reach places that cannot be cleaned using other methods. Our employees will make sure that the service is provided in a comprehensive and professional manner at the place determined by you.

If you need sandblasting experts, just contact us and the team of professionals with many years of experience in sandblasting services, also in harsh conditions, we will take care of the rest. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us, we will give you a fully detailed answer.

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