Kingston International College

Kingston International College in Perth is well known from outstanding reputation for our English courses. We are focusing on learning experience of our student regardless of their focus for their future lives. If you want higher IELTS score for university entrance, enhance your employment potential or rapidly improve your English proficiency for communication purposes, Kingston has a program just for you. We offer General English and IELTS courses that incorporate proven methods of English teaching so that students can start to apply what they learn from day one.

Our college is one of the best schools in Perth and is one of Australia’s leading providers for Vocational Education and Training (VET). Thousands of our graduated students are fulfilled and now occupy crucial roles in industry worldwide. Their achievements have been recognized through numerous industry awards, scholarships and prizes.

Kingston is well known from friendly and international business courses because our primary purpose is to prepare students for future challenges and equip them with the skills and knowledge required for them to excel in their professional fields. We believe it is done by ensuring that all our personnel reflect our values and aspirations. Our college has one business philosophy that we have fully embraced. It is called “Kaizen” in Japanese and means continuous improvement – that is the idea behind our teachings that makes us one of the best schools.

We believe that by doing it, our people will be able to support their individual development needs, as well as our organizational needs and industry requirements. We encourage our people to look for ways to grow in their careers and to be actively involved in developing their skills and capabilities. In order to make this possible we are providing excellent learning and development opportunities, subsidize the cost of approved training programs, as well as study leave options.

Another philosophy which we have embraced is “Business cannot succeed in societies that fail.” – Björn Stigson, President of the WBCSD. We believe in the intrinsic good of being a contributing member of society. We are also cognizant that in so doing, we are helping to secure our own long-term stability and sustainability. As an International College in Perth our personnel come from all over the globe and each contributes to the rich fabric of skills and experiences we harness for organizational success.

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